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About Beneath Green

Formed during the height of the pandemic, the group got its start when members Nathan Loesch and Bridger Fruth decided to start putting some tunes together during the dog days of quarantine. What started as phone calls to pass time, quickly evolved into a songwriting sessions, and the two soon realized that in order to record these songs, they would need to put together a band.

The process was slow at first, but the two started recruiting friends to play on the project. They eventually pulled on drummer, Quinn McCafferty, and engineer/saxophonist Mason Meyers, and together they started tracking in Mason’s 5x5 attic. As the project started to evolve, the group added Nathan Olson on keys, Ben Gualtieri on Trombone, and Ryan Garmoe on Trumpet, and the full seven-piece band was formed.

All of the members of Beneath Green are active freelance musicians. Some of the artists that Beneath Green has performed with, either as a band or freelance musicians, include Lake Street Dive, Gary Clark Jr, Prince's New Power Generation, The HornHeads, St. Paul Peterson, Kiss The Tiger, Durry, Colin Bracewell, The Arcanes, Runaway Richochet. The stages are just as impressive consisting of First Ave, 7th St. Entry, Icehouse, The MN State Fair Grandstand, and many local venues/breweries.

Ben Gualtieri - Trombone

Bridger Fruth - Guitar/Vocals

Mason Meyers - Saxophone/Engineer

Nathan Loesch - Bass/Vocals

Nathan Olson - Keys/Piano/Organ

Quinn McCafferty - Drums

Ryan Garmoe - Trumpet

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